by Constance Strecke

I’m very happy to announce the launch of my own publishing house:

geniusloci publishing

dedicated to the poetry of life
these selected stories
celebrate the beauty of
the Earth
its peoples, legends and places
their spirits and memories
connectedness with all the creation
printed on finest paper with love to nature
every edition is a truly handpicked collection in
quality of photos, material and design
created to inspire

It is with great honor that we present the first publication of geniusloci publishing

Celebrating Bali

Earth Healing Workshop with Marko Pogačnik
Bali 2017

Composed in a unique handmade paperbox you will find a collection of 42 photographs as well as exercises and drawings of UNESCO Artist for Peace Marko Pogačnik.

To find out more about Celebrating Bali please follow the link below:

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