Celebrating Bali


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Bali Earth Healing Workshop with Marko Pogačnik

  • premium quality paperbox handmade in Munich
  • size: 24cm x 16,5cm x 4,5cm
  • set of 60 cards printed in Malta
  • 42 photographs
  • 10 Gaia Touch Body Exercises with drawings
  • 2 maps
  • all text by Marko Pogačnik (English)
  • foreword by Tjok Gde Kerthyasa (member of the Royal Family in Ubud)

Limited Edition

Dedicated to the poetry of life. Created to inspire.



In 2017, Marko Pogačnik, renown Earthhealer and Geomant from Slowenia was invited to Bali. Together with Tjok Gde Kerthyasa, homeopath and a member of the Royal Family in Ubud and I Ketut Sedana, healer and a member of the indigenous people from North Bali, Marko led a workshop with 15 participants from across the world.

Celebrating Bali is the documentation of Marko Pogačnik’s personal experience of his time on the Island of Gods. He shares his wisdom and offers insights into the geomantic situation of Bali today and its role within the Asian region.

Celebrating Bali also features photographs of the sacred places the group visited along their journey and Gaia Touch Body Exercises by Marko Pogačnik including his two new created Bali Gaia Touch Body Exercises.

The handmade paperbox is made up of 60 individual cards, making it easy to use them to practice the Gaia Touch Body Exercises and decorate them in the space around you.

Marko says: “I hope that the present documentation of our creative work on Bali will inspire our fellow human beings to be more attentive and loving while moving upon this fantastic planet and among its innumerable beings visible and invisible.”